Moutonco Ltd. is a boutique consulting agency based in Taiwan

Our core practice involves developing public policy, guiding NGO governance, designing business strategy and creating educational tools, that promote sustainability, social justice and conservation.

The guiding principle of creating shared value is at the very heart of what we do. We believe it's not just a better way for organizations and society to operate, but the imperative for a sustainable future.  

Our reputation is built on an authentic and original approach, giving our clients the objective advice, empirical research and facilitated planning they need to achieve their impact objectives. 



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We look for work that inspires us, for partnerships where we can accelerate growth & enhance the reach and scope of our clients.


Our business, and the success we've had, are based on the relationships we've built. We'd have it no other way. We're always happy to chat about what we do, why, and how.

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Current Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University 


National Taipei University of Business